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For further information on Burundi, visit the following sites:

Government Institutions

Embassy of Burundi in Washington DC:  http://burundian.embassywashingtondc.com/

Media, News, and information

http://www.abp.info.bi/ (Burundian Press Agency)
http://www.umuco.com/ (Portail Internet sur le Burundi)
http://www.studioijambo.org/ (Radio station (in Kirundi and French), sponsored by Search for Common Ground-Burundi, formed with the goal of reducing ethnic conflict and encouraging reconciliation.)
http://www.ligue-iteka.bi/ (Site for the Burundi Human Rights league "ITEKA")
http://www.arib.info/ (Detailed analysis of burundian situation through different original and interactive rublics)
http://www.frodebu.bi/ (Official site for SAHWANYA-FRODEBU political party)
http://www.burundi-info.com/ (Official site of CNDD-FDD mouvement)
http://www.burundirealite.org/ (Analysis, information and data about Burundi's realities)
http://www.allafrica.com/ (Africa news)

Nonprofit NGOs and Foundations

http://www.sfcg.org/sfcg/evaluations/burundi.html (Search for Common Ground-Burundi - a NGO based in Washington, D.C. working to reduce ethnic conflict and encourage reconciliation)
http://www.ndi.org/ (a nonprofit organization which seeks to promote democratic institutions in new and emerging democracies. It has 33 pages on how to live in democracy in Burundi)
http://www.ifes.org/ (International Foundation for Elections Systems). IFES has a project in Burundi to support the implementation of the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Accords(APRA) and promote community reintegration and stabilization through a sub-grant program-Burundi Initiative for Peace (BIP)
http://www.hrw.org/africa/burundi (Human Rights Watch -This Web site has a lot of reports about Burundi)
http://www.genocideprevention.org/ http://www.usip.org/ (United States Institute of Peace: Preventing genocide in Burundi, lessons from International Diplomacy)
http://www.crisisweb.org/ (International Crisis Group)
http://www.wilsoncenter.org/ (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars)
http://burundi.usembassy.gov/ (Embassy of the United States, Bujumbura Burundi)

Economy, Business, and Trade

http://www.burundi-gov.bi/Economie (Ministry of Finance)
http://www.burundicoffee.com/ (Burundi Coffee Company)
http://www.interbankbdi.com/ (Interbank Burundi s.a.)
http://www.intercontactservices.com/ (Intercontact Services s.a.)
http://www.romanhomes.com (Rome apartments for rent in Rome Italy, specialized in lodging for cultural events, and supporting Africa).


http://www.su-burundi.org (an Evangelical Christian mission agency working in partnership with the Anglican church in Burundi, Rwanda, south-western Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo)

International Cooperation

http://www.usaid.gov/ (US Agency for International Development - USAID assistance to Burundi)
http://www.imf.org/ (information by country > Burundi)